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Uterine stimulant and ecbolic

Retention of placenta is the most common malady and undesirable sequelae of parturition in livestock particularly in buffaloes and cows. Normally the foetal membranes are expelled within 3 to 8 hours after birth of the calf but owing to intricate cotyledonary attachments these are often retained for long periods, finally under going decomposition and putrefaction. Hasty manual removal is not desirable because at times there may be transmission of dreadful zoonotic diseases like brucellosis (undulant fever in man). The cotyledonary type of membrane attachments do not yield to oestrogen therapy.

The uterine stimulant replanta by virtue of its ecbolic activity, expels placenta completely and safely and regulates lochial discharge thus avoiding the possibility of puerperal fever, endometritis, metritis and pyometra. Replanta can be prophylactically used when given immediately after calving. Even when retained placenta is removed manually, administration of replanta is recommended for complete expulsion of leftover placenta and more importantly for timely involution of uterus. Replanta also supplements the action of therapy and improves breeding efficiency.


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