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Raksha Trivalent FMD (Foot and Mouth Disease) vaccine is recommended for
prophylactic vaccination against Foot and Mouth Disease in cattle, buffaloes, sheep
and goats.
Raksha FMD vaccine is manufactured by Indian Immunologicals with the process
know-how obtained from the Wellcome Foundation Ltd. U.K., the pioneers and world
leaders in FMD research, control and vaccine production.
Raksha Trivalent FMD vaccine contains tissue culture inactivated FMD virus strains
O, Aand Asia-1 adsorbed on Aluminium hydroxide and Saponin added as an adjuvant.
The vaccine vial should be kept cold until used and each vial should be well shaken
before contents are withdrawn. Syringes and needles must be sterilized before use.
The vaccine should be injected subcutaneously through an area of clean, dry skin
with precautions taken against contamination. The chest wall behind the shoulder or
the dewlap are the recommended sites for inoculation.
Cattle, Buffaloes and Calves : 3 ml
Sheep and Goats : 1 ml
Primary vaccination : 4 months of age.
Booster : 2 to 4 weeks after primary vaccination.
Revaccination : Every 6 months thereafter.
Primovaccinates irrespective of age should receive two doses initially. This should be
followed by every 6 months thereafter.
Generally no significant side effects are noticed after vaccination. However, in a few
cases a small swelling may develop at the site of inoculation, which usually subsides
within a few days. The body temperature generally remains normal.
The vaccine should be stored and transported between 2°C and 8°C. Antigenicity of
the vaccine deteriorates if the temperature is allowed to rise above this range, the
rate of deterioration depending on both temperature and time. At no stage should the
vaccine be frozen.
Raksha Trivalent FMD vaccine is available in 300 ml polypropylene bottles.
Raksha Trivalent FMD vaccine is thoroughly tested before issue. As subsequent
handling and administration are not controlled by the manufacturers or distributors/
stockists, no responsibility following their use can be accepted. Raksha Trivalent FMD
vaccine is issued subject to this condition. Under field conditions it is extremely difficult
to avoid the accidental introduction of bacteria when withdrawing doses of Raksha
Trivalent FMD vaccine from the containers. Part-used bottles of vaccine should therefore
be discarded at the end of the day’s operations.
Aqueous or Oil adjuvant vaccines, monovalent, bivalent, trivalent, quadrivalent
or any other valency incorporating the most relevant strains of epidemiological
significance can be manufactured as per customer’s choice.


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