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Oestrus inducer

Anoestrus, silent or weak oestrus and prolonged inter-calving period in farm animals adversely affect breeding and cause huge economic losses due to upkeep of dry unproductive animals.

Prajana HS, a non-hormonal and purely herbal preparation is rich in special trienoic fatty acids which are used by physiological system as precursors for biosynthesis of prostaglandins, fsh, lh and other hormones. Administration of prajana hs helps to optimise ovarian functions and thus produce timely oestrus and ovulation. Prajana hs causes release of hormones in a normal cyclic pattern, leading to pronounced oestrus, timely ovulation and pregnancy.

Herbal prajana hs can be safely used for programmed calving at farms to achieve “calf a year” in a simple and practical way and to minimise the unproductive inter-calving period. The heifers which do not evince oestrus, inspite of reaching breedable age, due to inactive ovaries, are greatly benefitted with prajana hs to maintain their reproductive cycle at a regular rhythm and high pitch.


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