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Growth promoter and production enhancerAction:Appetite stimulant: Liv.52 is an appetite stimulant that increases and restores appetite in animals.

Hepatoprotective: Liv.52 stabilizes the hepatic cell membrane and promotes repair and regeneration of the liver and also protects the liver from toxins, drugs and chemicals. Liv. 52 enhances the secretory and synthetic activity of the liver, which facilitates the overall metabolism of the body.

Hepato-pancreatic stimulant: Because of its antioxidant property, Liv.52 Protec improves the functional efficiency of the liver and pancreas. This leads to better utilization of nutrients.Improves feed conversion ratio (FCR): Liv.52 Protec ensures that animals consume the optimal amount of feed, promotes digestion and ensures uniform and faster growth, and better productivity in lactating animals, and weight gain.
Indications:• Improper feed utilization.• Reduced metabolism.• Better weight gain.• Better FCR.
Key ingredients:Bhumyaamlaki (Phyllanthus amarus) is a rich antioxidant, which is effective in the treatment of infective hepatitis.Creat (Yavatikta) enhances the body’s resistance against common infections by stimulating the production of antibodies. It is also a hepatoprotective that prevents liver damage.
Directions for use :15 to 20ml daily (orally).
Pack size:1 Liter Improper feed utilization.

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