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A Comprehensive approach for treatment of mastitis requires:

Killing of Bacteria
Minimal Antibiotic Usage
Restoration of Milk Yield
Minimal Relapse

A Comprehensive approach for Treatment of Mastitis is use of Antibiotic along with mammidium

Bovicuraa offers – Triple action formula : MAMMIDIUM

Enhances cellular antioxidant level
vitamin E, Selenium and manganese prevent Mamary epithelial Damage.
Hence Help in faster restoration of milk yield

MAMMIDIUM Improves Cellular Immunity
Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Copper and Zinc increase Mammary Defense Mechanism.
there by help in better Recovery and minimize chances of relapse

MAMMIDIUM Restores normal milk pH
Trisodium citrate Arrests Bacterial Growth
And helps increase the Efficacy of Antibiotics
MAMMIDIUM is recommended in:
Sub-clinical Mastitis for Magical Results in Sub-clinical Mastitis
Clinical Mastitis for effective results in clinical Mastitis along with antibiotics.

MAMMIDIUM is recommended at the rate of 50 gm glass bottle and 200gm sachet as a complete dose pack.

please prescribe MAMMIDIUM an ideal formulation for management of mastitis .


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